[linux-audio-user] anybody using seq24 for live performances?

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Mon Jan 2 15:52:36 EST 2006

charles thorley wrote:

>hey all.  i'm considering picking up a cheap (new)
>laptop and running seq24 and a sampler on it, and
>slaving some outboard modules, for a live p.a.
>solution (as in dance/electronic/techno live
>production).  it looks cool enough from the homepage,
>but i've found very little reference to it elsewhere
>on the net, and nothing that really addresses it's
>strengths and weaknesses in a live setting based on
>real-world experience.  it looks like the guy that
>wrote it uses it for this, but he doesn't talk about
>it much on the site.  alternatively, i might pick up
>an akai mpc1000 for my live sequencer - i definitely
>like gear, although i'm not bent on it.  if i thought
>that seq24 could more or less do what it does, that's
>the route that i'd go down, methinks.  i've got an rme
>hammerfall multiface, so i'm not concerned about
>getting sound out of it (although, recommendations for
>a laptop that would work with the hammerfall cardbus
>would also be most welcome).
I haven't worked with it in a live setting, but I'll testify to its 
utility and stability. You might spend an hour or two getting familiar 
with its commands and interface, but it's a very straightforward program.

Btw, it's a MIDI-only app, so you'll want to be able to connect it to 
outboard gear or softsynths. Or both... :)



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