[linux-audio-user] keeping alsa stable

Piotr Pruszczak p.pruszczak at pro.onet.pl
Fri Jan 6 04:37:19 EST 2006

> Next: There's plenty of reason to run unstable (at least everyone I know 
> that runs debian on their desktop thinks so). I normally don't have any 
> problems with my (stable) unstable box.

I had NOT problems, too - unstable usually works fine

> Against stable: Stable is nice, and I pray release rates are speeded up 
> after the fuzz about stable. But 3 years is simply too long on my 
> desktop. I tried backporting, never liked it.

this was always problem - decide between backporting or upgrade.. :/

> Against testing: Testing is (in a bad way) in between stable and 
> testing. It seems there's no real consensus at to when packages arrive 
> in testing, so some part of the system is almost as old as stable and 
> others are as unstable as unstable.

Testing is more unstable  the unstable itself .. it is because of 
"testing" means "during the freeze process" && unstable means "unsecure 
but working" - however who of us wants "the safest audio station on 
world" ;)

my experience from Debian is, that it works out-of-the-box, however .... 
there are many little troubles and if you want to go to realtime kernel 
&& audio apps, you can reach big number of little troubles very soon ... :/

that is the reason why I am now tuning Gentoo.... seems to be really 
faster, more stable with "strange work parameters" like realtime 
processing... and the only problem is - if somebody wants it - to have 
just fast processor / emerge process can run 1-2 days

of course - no offence for Debian, I still love it for philosophy && 
really user-friendly, clear and smart system.


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