[linux-audio-user] Debian 2.6.14 alsa problems

The Other sstubbs at shout.net
Fri Jan 6 02:55:45 EST 2006

On Wednesday 04 January 2006 08:38 pm, Laura Conrad wrote:
> >>>>> "th" == tim hall <tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk> writes:
>     th> On Tuesday 03 January 2006 17:26, Lee Revell was like:
>     >> What soundcard driver are you using?  What exactly do you
>     >> mean by "hardware midi doesn't work".
> emu10k1
>     >> Please, be specific with these bug reports or they are
>     >> useless.
>     th> I have always found it necessary to add
>     th> snd-seq-midi
>     th> to /etc/modules to get MIDI to work on my DeMuDi systems.
> I have that.  As far as I know, all the modules are loaded
> correctly, and when I say "pmidi -l", I get:
>  Port     Client name                       Port name
>  62:0     Midi Through                      Midi Through Port-0
>  64:0     EMU10K1 MPU-401 (UART)            EMU10K1 MPU-401 (UART)
>  65:0     Emu10k1 WaveTable                 Emu10k1 Port 0
>  65:1     Emu10k1 WaveTable                 Emu10k1 Port 1
>  65:2     Emu10k1 WaveTable                 Emu10k1 Port 2
>  65:3     Emu10k1 WaveTable                 Emu10k1 Port 3
> But when I say "pmidi -p 65:0 score.midi", it looks like it's
> trying to play, but I don't hear any sound.  ("timidity score.midi"
> plays fine, and I've used asfxload to load a soundfont.)
> It may well be a mixer problem, but I've unmuted and raised the
> volume on everything that looks at all plausible.

Hello Laura,

On the SB Live Analog/Digital Output Jack switch:

Set it On and try to play a midi file.  If no go, then
Set if Off and retry the midi file.

I no longer use a Live! card (blew the card with too hot of recording 
levels and replaced it with an Audigy 2), but this switch is crucial 
for hearing anything out of your speakers on Creative cards.  For 
some people it worked in the On position.  For others it worked in 
the Off position.  So try it both ways.

Hope this Helps,

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