[linux-audio-user] music using buzz tracker on linux

reuben reubenf at sonic.net
Mon Jan 9 23:20:28 EST 2006

A few months back I posted to this list regarding running buzz tracker,
which is an excellent piece of windows freeware, on linux. I put
together a quick piece to demonstrate what it does; this isn't
particularly complex musically, but I quite like it. Aside from the amen
loop, which comes in @ approx 1:00, every sound is synthesized by buzz
(the amen is provided by a machine which is dedicated to producing amen
loops, so even that is not from an externally loaded sample.)

The ogg and bmx (buzz tracker file) are both here:

As explained previously, unfortunately there will never be a port of the
software to linux, as the developer lost the source code when his hard
drive crashed(!). There are a huge number of machines (see
buzzmachines.com) written to its API, so it would be highly advantageous
to Linux audio if somebody were to write a client that could use them -
hint, hint.

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