[linux-audio-user] Xi instruments

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Wed Jan 11 09:50:00 EST 2006

Emiliano Grilli wrote:

>I've had a quick look at skaletracker a year ago or so, it was looking
>good but a little slow. Unfortunately, the site states that
>"We have created this program to you all. This will be free (NO CHARGE)
>to use for the Scene. (NOT OPEN SOURCE)"
>So, it is freeware but not free. I'm not so rigid in this respect, but
>if you look at what happened to buzz (another great program IMHO): buzz
>can run fairly well under wine, but for sure there will be no further
>development on it, since the author lost the sources after a disk
>crash. If the sources were published, this wouldn't be occurred.
Of course I agree. However, please note that a very pro-Linux fellow is 
assisting baktery with Skale development on Linux. It is still possible 
that baktery will decide to make his sources open and freely available.

>PS: hope to see you again at LAC2006 ;)
I didn't submit a paper this year, and unless one of the journals wants 
me there as a reporter it's unlikely I'll attend. I'm not nearly so 
close to development now as I have been in past years, and since it is a 
developers conference I would be happy to see someone more deserving get 
a spot. LAC is a fantastic experience, I'll certainly miss it (and all 
my friends there), but I think it would be more valuable to someone 
actively developing Linux audio software.



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