[linux-audio-user] Timidity tarball install now working

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Mon Jan 16 15:29:38 EST 2006

Hi Tim. Just out of academic interest I thought I'd send you "my" fix for 
getting the tarball install of TiMidity 2.13.2 working. 

Just trash this if your not interested.

On FC2, install with apt-get, timidity++-2.11.3-9. Next, with KDE's superuser 
file manager or the CLI, copy /usr/share/timidity 
to /home/user_name/timidity. Then copy /etc/timidity.cfg 
to /home/user_name/timidity.conf. Next. Uninstall the timidity++-2.11.3-9 
install, which only has run from CLI or ncurses interfaces. Next 
run ./configure for the 2.13.2 version which you have unpacked and waiting 
for action in your /home/user_name directory. Syntax follows.
./configure --enable-debug --enable-audio=alsa,jack 
--enable-interface=ncurses,emacs,gtk --enable-spectogram (enter)
make  (enter)
make install  (su to root then enter)

So far so good.

Now, open Kde's superuser file manager again or use cp from the CLI, and 
copy /home/user_name/timidity to /usr/local/share/timidity, 
and /home/user_name/timidity.cfg to /etc/timidity.conf. 

Now this didn't work first go, as the /etc/timidity.conf was looking for the 
GUS patches is /usr/share timidity, and I got errors showing that. So a bit 
more work, and copying the /home/user_name/timidity to /usr/share/timidity as 
well, fixed this. This was probably something to do with the file in /etc 
being connected with the directory in /usr/share from the original rpm 

Anyway it works. The gtk interface is the best. Ncurses isn't much better than 
running it from the CLI, and I'm a bit clueless about the Emacs one. There 
are probably easier ways to go about this, but as I'm having problems posting 
to the timidity list, (my ISP) I've had to sort this out for myself. I think 
there is something to be said for finding yourself blocked from posting 
legitimately to lists. It makes you work harder to solve your own problems.

Icons. Icons. I havn't checked the bunch of icons you sent me, but attached is 
the TiMidity one from version 2.13.2 in case you don't have it.

All the best. Nigel.
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