[linux-audio-user] Timidity tarball install now working

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Mon Jan 16 15:46:14 EST 2006

Nigel Henry wrote:

>Hi Tim. Just out of academic interest I thought I'd send you "my" fix for 
>getting the tarball install of TiMidity 2.13.2 working. 
>Just trash this if your not interested.
>On FC2, install with apt-get, timidity++-2.11.3-9. Next, with KDE's superuser 
>file manager or the CLI, copy /usr/share/timidity 
>to /home/user_name/timidity. Then copy /etc/timidity.cfg 
>to /home/user_name/timidity.conf. Next. Uninstall the timidity++-2.11.3-9 
>install, which only has run from CLI or ncurses interfaces. Next 
>run ./configure for the 2.13.2 version which you have unpacked and waiting 
>for action in your /home/user_name directory. Syntax follows.
>./configure --enable-debug --enable-audio=alsa,jack 
>--enable-interface=ncurses,emacs,gtk --enable-spectogram (enter)
>make  (enter)
>make install  (su to root then enter)
>So far so good.
>Now, open Kde's superuser file manager again or use cp from the CLI, and 
>copy /home/user_name/timidity to /usr/local/share/timidity, 
>and /home/user_name/timidity.cfg to /etc/timidity.conf. 
>Now this didn't work first go, as the /etc/timidity.conf was looking for the 
>GUS patches is /usr/share timidity, and I got errors showing that. So a bit 
>more work, and copying the /home/user_name/timidity to /usr/share/timidity as 
>well, fixed this. This was probably something to do with the file in /etc 
>being connected with the directory in /usr/share from the original rpm 
>Anyway it works. The gtk interface is the best. Ncurses isn't much better than 
>running it from the CLI, and I'm a bit clueless about the Emacs one. There 
>are probably easier ways to go about this, but as I'm having problems posting 
>to the timidity list, (my ISP) I've had to sort this out for myself. I think 
>there is something to be said for finding yourself blocked from posting 
>legitimately to lists. It makes you work harder to solve your own problems.
>Icons. Icons. I havn't checked the bunch of icons you sent me, but attached is 
>the TiMidity one from version 2.13.2 in case you don't have it.
>All the best. Nigel.
Just curious, as a result of this build and with --enable-jack, alsa, 
does the timidity soundbank now make itself available as a jack audio 
and midi plugable device in say, Qjackctl? IE: so that say Muse can 
patch to timidity midi soundbank for those who dont have a soundfont 
card or easilly accesible GM 128 midi bank of sounds?


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