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Mon Jan 16 16:33:51 EST 2006

On Sat, 14 Jan, 2006 at 08:30AM -0600, Jan Depner spake thus:
>     I wrote this about a week after the storm.  Later my daughter worked
> on the melody and a bit on the lyrics.  It was recorded in Ardour
> (qjackctl/JACK), mastered with JAMin, and trimmed with Audacity.  It's
> in mp3 for my poor benighted Windoze using friends.
>     It is dedicated to Sam who didn't die in the lower ninth ward but in
> Pass Christian, MS with his two year old son.
> http://myweb.cableone.net/eviltwin69/katrina.mp3

I didn't get chance to listen to this for quite a while, but I'm glad
that I managed it.

One of the best tracks I've heard on these lists - although I have to
echo what a few people have said about the vocals.  They just need
bringing out a little more.

I also like the idea of songs that speak plainly about important
events, if done properly.

Badly done (which this isn't), they sound quite naive, cheesy and

Done well (which I think this is), they feel like an alternative way
to record history.  Which, of course, songs have been doing for as
long as there were singers.  One of the more beautiful incarnations of
oral history.

Thanks for sharing.

Another criticism, and one I think is more important than quibling
over small changes to vocals, is the copyright.

You obviously want people to hear it, so why restrict copying?  I
can't mail this to a friend, make a copy for my walkman or do any of
the many things that would get this listened to by a wider audience
than the list.

Why not use creative commons? http://creativecommons.org/

If you want to keep it "pure", use the no-derivatives option.  If
you're worried about people not knowing it's yours, use the
attribution option.  If you don't want people to use your song
commercially without seeking a separate license with you, use the
non-commercial option.  Or mixtures of these.

But I'll just make sure that the main theme in this mail is the one I
intended at the start: Wonderful track!  Absolutely wonderful!


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That' to get to gcc, Emacs, and gdb.  Thank you."
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