[linux-audio-user] x86_64 and ingo's realtime patches, works?

cdr ix at replic.net
Tue Jan 17 18:25:08 EST 2006

On Wed Jan 18, 2006 at 09:52:35AM +1100, Loki Davison wrote:
> Has anyone actually got this working? If so how and with what
> settings? I've got 2.6.15 with  patch-2.6.15-rt2 to compile fine and
> boot but the irq handlers seem to use 90% of cpu and the system really
> feels like it's chugging, everything takes 10 to 100 times longer to
> load, and anything musical is impossible. I'm running amd64 3000 on an
> ati chipset based mb. All normal modules, nothing external. I've tried
> with a number of older kernels / patches but i'm wondering if there is
> a magic collection that actually works. ;-)

proper and stable audio timing and performance from my perspective after trying to get it for the past year seems to be a holy grail relegated to those running x86_32 hardware and RME cards...

ive generally tried out ingo's about once every 6 weeks since switching to AMD64. about 10% of the time the compile fails, and about 90% of the time it compiles fine, and it freezes anywhere from 3 minutes to an hour after booting, regardless of load or current activity, it seems to be straight up random kernel lock, with no panic message or anything..

once it DID actually work, and my card was flawlessly pumping out audio under load and X server activity and 16 or 32 sample buffers.. i'll never remember the kernel version, though.

thats with a desktop, with a turion (and X2) the situation is significantly worse, involving timer drift causing jack problems (recently discussed here) and ive been too lazy to track down what is the preferred solution/patch/workaround and whether its compatible with mingo patch or not..

so basically ive been thinking about installing OsuX instead (and just buying a copy even though im running it on Turion) since its ATI driver is bound to be vastly better and its GPU-offloaded windowing system less likely to interfere with CoreAudio (i often get problems even with 2 1024 sample buffers in JACK and a nice -19 (or is that +20?) Xserver...even with the 1000hz timing resolution./

good luck!

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