[linux-audio-user] Creating tuition videos

Brett McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Sat Jan 21 11:22:46 EST 2006

Michael T D Nelson wrote:

> I've been thinking about writing and producing some instrumental tuition 
> videos. I have a mini-DV firewire camcorder available.
> I was wondering if anyone knew of any (GPL) software I can run on Linux 
> to create these with.

For the video portion, Kino and Cinelerra are your best bets for 
handling DV. You can use Kino for dumping stuff from the camera over 
firewire and basic editing, and you can use Cinelerra for the 
post-production (and more advanced editing features).

There are lots of audio choices, but your biggest problem is going to be 
with synchronization. I think both video apps can synch with SMPTE, so 
you would need to figure out a way to use this with, say, Ardour or 
Rosegarden. I haven't kept up on Kino development lately, maybe it has 
more advanced synch options now (it would be nice if they included Jack 

-- Brett
Brett McCoy: Programmer by Day, Guitarist by Night

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