[linux-audio-user] portable digital audio recording

reuben reubenf at sonic.net
Sun Jan 22 00:11:52 EST 2006


I'm the proud owner of a pretty decently specced new shotgun mic; now I 
just need somewhere to store the recordings while out & about. What's 
the best option here? Minidisc? DAT? Flash?

Here are the needs;

a) The mic has XLR-m out, so I'm going to need one cable, no adapters, 
from the mic to whatever device.
b) Ideally < $200.
c) Digital transfer to my computer; I have firewire and USB as options. 
There should hopefully be a pretty painless setup getting this 
(drivers/whatever) configured in linux.
d) Ability to store at least 2 hours of audio. I will have a laptop in 
the vicinity (which I do not want to use as the recording device) so I 
can always upload and wipe if need be. I.e. I think don't need much more 
that 1GB.
e) Ability to monitor the recording via headphones.
f) Reasonably sensitive recording levels adjustment on the device.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance

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