[linux-audio-user] wine

Vaughan Famularo peppercorn at netspace.net.au
Sun Jan 22 06:41:24 EST 2006

Dave Phillips wrote

 I'll probably use those three working apps for my profile, but are 
there any other sound applications that users commonly run under WINE ? 
Anything I should take a look at in addition to what I've already 
selected ?


ATM I have NI Guitar Rig and the following working perfectly, N I
Absynth, Edirol, Akai VST Sampler, All of the Ultrafunk VST plugins,
Akai Mastering suite, and NI Battery. Steinbrenners Halion works 99%
perfect with a glitch every now and then, but nothing worse than you
would expect in XP. There are two really good Rhodes VST pianos based on
soundfonts written for Windows called Mr Ray and Mr Tramp. they work
perfectly! They were based on and sound just like the Rhodes sound that
was used in the Blues Bros Movie "Shake Your Tailfeather" played and
sang by Ray Charles.
N.I. Intackt and Kontakt have not been too useful. They work but can
drop out at any given time.  
I use wine and fst. SO far, it has not let me down!
Hope that this helps


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