[linux-audio-user] WINE + audio experiences ?

Johannes Mario Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Sun Jan 22 06:46:37 EST 2006

Dave Phillips wrote:
> I'll probably use those three working apps for my profile, but are there 
> any other sound applications that users commonly run under WINE ? 
> Anything I should take a look at in addition to what I've already 
> selected ?

I've been using Renoise alot under wine:

Renoise is a quite hefty tracker-style app with vst-support, automation 
and a whole more.

This is on Mandriva, pretty much any version of Wine I've tried. It 
works 100% as good as in windows, as far as I can tell, and most VSTs 
work. In fact it *feels* faster than in windows, but I don't have 
benchmarks to prove this. I guess it might be because Wine doesn't have 
to load all the slow parts of windows that windows has...?
On Ubuntu it is way to sluggish and the sound is distorted, haven't yet 
tried on Debian yet (it says it needs directx 8).

Now I guess the jack-outputs in Wine are working, but what one really 
misses is the ability to sync with jack. I know there's a patch for 
Soundtracker to do this, but as this provides no LADSPA support, nor 
seperate jack-outputs, it gets kinda boring to work with. OTOH it would 
be truly awesome if ST had this, and much preferable to running non-free 
software in wine.

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