[linux-audio-user] M-audio USB audio devices

Timothy Alan Gorman timg at expressmart.com
Mon Jan 23 04:42:01 EST 2006

No, But I can remember wanting to gice up on alsa due to the crappy 
m-audio quattro.

chgans at free.fr wrote:

>Hi all,
>Does anyone use an M-audio device like MobilePre or FastTrack with success?
>I've read in some archives that some peoples have try to use them, but i have
>not find any clear feedback.
>Some talks about firmware loading, others talks about usb compliance problem...
>I plan to use it with a laptop shipped with Debian/DeMudi with custom recent
>kernel (>2.6.9).
>So if there is anybody outhere that is happy with its M-audio MobilePre or
>FastTrack, please let me know.
>PS: I am looking for a "cheap" USB audio interface in which i can plug a guitar
>or a bass and a stereo microphone (for percussion or acoustic guitar).
>I can easily buy m-audio devices, but the vendor doesn't have (many) edirol

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