[linux-audio-user] ZynAddSubFX and fftw question

Carotinho carotinobg at yahoo.it
Mon Jan 23 10:43:11 EST 2006


Alle 11:30, lunedì 23 gennaio 2006, Julien Claassen ha scritto:
> Hi!
>   This question is to all, who have installed their ZynAddSubFX and libfftw
> from source. How do I have to configure fftw3, so zynaddsubfx works with it
> and compiles ok? I can't manage it, and with my current fftw2 the sounds
> sometimes get very awkward.

I've done it compiling fftw3 - not 2 - with the following flags: --prefix=/usr 
so that it's "easier" for the various configure scripts to find the .pc.
In the Readme it says fftw2 is needed, but here Zyn runs ok with fftw3, and 
indeed in the Makefile you can find the definition for fftw3.




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