[linux-audio-user] ZynAddSubFX and fftw question

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Mon Jan 23 13:33:46 EST 2006

In Jan 23 A.D. 2006 Carotinho scripsit:

> hi!
> Alle 11:30, lunedì 23 gennaio 2006, Julien Claassen ha scritto:
> > Hi!
> >   This question is to all, who have installed their ZynAddSubFX and libfftw
> > from source. How do I have to configure fftw3, so zynaddsubfx works with it
> > and compiles ok? I can't manage it, and with my current fftw2 the sounds
> > sometimes get very awkward.
> I've done it compiling fftw3 - not 2 - with the following flags: --prefix=/usr
> so that it's "easier" for the various configure scripts to find the .pc.
> In the Readme it says fftw2 is needed, but here Zyn runs ok with fftw3, and
> indeed in the Makefile you can find the definition for fftw3.
I knew this bit about Zyn working with fftw3, it says so in the makefile, but
I simply couldn't get it to work properly. Perhaps I'll try leaving all other
options for float and so on aside, as you did.
  Kindest regards

> Byez!
> Carotinho
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