[linux-audio-user] rosegarden-4-1.0: can't seem to get any MIDI out ...

Sylvain Robitaille lau at therockgarden.ca
Wed Jan 25 10:23:57 EST 2006

(responding to three messages here ...)

On Tue, 24 Jan 2006, Cesare Marilungo wrote:

> I don't have Rosegarden listed in the "readable clients / output
> ports" but If I play my midi keyboard through Rosegarden and then
> out to ZynAddSubFx it works.

Thanks.  That confirms that what I'm seeing in JACK isn't unusual or

On Tue, 24 Jan 2006, Mike Taht wrote:

> It's probably not finding the midi device... do an strace on
> rosegarden to see what midi devices it's trying to open and see if
> they are in /dev

Checked first with lsof:

   Once running, with the device selected that I expect to see as the
   physical "MIDI out" connector on the CS46xx interface:

rosegarde 25807  syl   14u   CHR      116,1           125373 /dev/snd/seq

   For reference, aplaymidi (which _does_ produce MIDI output) also holds
   the same device file open:

aplaymidi 25846  syl    3u   CHR  116,1         125373 /dev/snd/seq

so, alright, a trace of the rosegardensequencer process is in order ...

In response to Markus Herhoffer's suggestion, though, I ran the strace
test with JACK not running, and sure enough, I got the MIDI output, tried
again without strace (still no JACK), and again MIDI output was working!
I won't bore you with the strace output!  :-)

On Tue, 24 Jan 2006, Markus Herhoffer wrote:

> Midi has actually nothing to do with Jack. Jack cares only about
> audio streams.

I'm not convinced of that.  For example, I do need to "connect" (via
qjackctl's "connect" screen, "MIDI" tab) "80:CS46xx" to "129:FLUID Synth"
to be able to control that software with my MIDI controller.

> As far as I know there are some problems in the compatibility of
> qjackctl and Rosegarden (described in "Rosegarden Companion").

I would love to get a copy of that.  Anyone know of its availability in
Canadian bookstores, or should I be looking to purchase a copy online?

> So you should use only Rosegarden for linking the MIDI devices.

Ok, as mentioned above, I tested with JACK not running, and sure enough
I'm now able to get MIDI output from Rosegarden.  Thanks to all who
replied about this!  The beautiful sounds of my music theory final from a
couple of years ago (ok, well, it's still beautiful to MY ears!) emanating
from various MIDI synthesizers and a piano sample!  :-)

I continued testing and found that if I start JACK _after_ starting
Rosegarden, it seems to do the right thing.  Should I perhaps simply have
Rosegarden start Jack, or am I asking for different trouble if I do that?
(I do still want to use JACK because some of the applications I expect
to be making heavy use of use it or require it ...)

This software (all of it!) is such a beautiful thing!  Thanks once again,
and good night!  :-)

Sylvain Robitaille                              syl at alcor.concordia.ca

Major in Electroacoustic Studies                  Concordia University
Faculty of Fine Arts / Music Department       Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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