Ladspa GUIs (Was Re: [linux-audio-user] Acid type program

Rob lau at
Sat Jan 28 15:19:40 EST 2006

On Sat January 28 2006 14:21, timg at wrote:
> I suppose that the plugins are more of what I'm talking about.

The weird, non-standard GUIs of VST plugins have always been a 
pet peeve of mine.  They're always either emulative of a 
physical piece of equipment (which without the tactile feedback 
and instant response is useless) or look like they've been 
designed by a 12-year-old boy doing UI design for the first 
time, or most often both.

I want my interfaces to use standard widgets so that my own 
choice of desktop themes, accessibility factors, my scroll 
wheel, etc. apply to them and not someone's weird bitmapped idea 
of what a synth or reverb control panel is supposed to look 


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