Ladspa GUIs (Was Re: [linux-audio-user] Acid type program

studio64 fsmith at
Sat Jan 28 15:38:23 EST 2006

Rob wrote:

>On Sat January 28 2006 14:21, timg at wrote:
>>I suppose that the plugins are more of what I'm talking about.
>The weird, non-standard GUIs of VST plugins have always been a 
>pet peeve of mine.  They're always either emulative of a 
>physical piece of equipment (which without the tactile feedback 
>and instant response is useless) or look like they've been 
>designed by a 12-year-old boy doing UI design for the first 
>time, or most often both.
>I want my interfaces to use standard widgets so that my own 
>choice of desktop themes, accessibility factors, my scroll 
>wheel, etc. apply to them and not someone's weird bitmapped idea 
>of what a synth or reverb control panel is supposed to look 
Oh Yes please!!!!!

Standards ??
Don't we all have one each!


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