[linux-audio-user] notation

Hans hansfong at zonnet.nl
Sun Jan 29 12:21:54 EST 2006

Aaron wrote:

>HI all,
>I am new to the list.
>I am a denemo user and am curious if anyone out there is using denemo.
>If yes what version, if no have you tried it.
I am not. As a front-end for Lilypond I use Rosegarden. Recently I also 
started using Songwrite for quickly entering some tab notation, then 
exporting to Lilypond. Works good enough, apart from the rather ancient 
looking GUI.

I tried Denemo briefly a long time ago, but it didn't thrill me. As a 
rule, a piece of software has to appeal to me within some 5 minutes, 
otherwise I don't find it worth it. Forthermore the exporting/importing 
to and from Lilypond didn't go smoothly, so I gave up.


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