[linux-audio-user] notation

Aaron aamehl at actcom.net.il
Sun Jan 29 13:20:28 EST 2006

* Hans <hansfong at zonnet.nl> [060129 19:57]:
> Aaron wrote:
> >HI all,
> >I am new to the list.
> >
> >I am a denemo user and am curious if anyone out there is using denemo.
> >If yes what version, if no have you tried it.
> >
> >Thanks
> >Aaron
> >
> > 
> I am not. As a front-end for Lilypond I use Rosegarden. Recently I also started using Songwrite 
> for quickly entering some tab notation, then exporting to Lilypond. Works good enough, apart from 
> the rather ancient looking GUI.

hmn, what version of Denemo did you use. The only docs for the old versions was a read me, quite hidden, now denemo has a user manual.
Also it wasn't clear that denemo wasn't a mousecentric editor but was meant to touch type.
Was the problem that it didn't export at all to lilypond? or just the wrong version?

One of the problems with Denemo is that its so different from other editors. Sort of like the difference between Vim and gedit, if you know what I mean. 

5 minutes with denemo most definitley isn't enough, since it is a 'deep' program, but like vim once learned it is very quick to use.

But since the purpose of my post was to find out what editors people use and why they like them, let me ask a few questions:

1. what is the killer feature in Rosegardens notation editor or at least the one you like/use the most?
2. Is most of your notation entered with a midi keyboard or the computer (mouse/keyboard)
3. Does moving your hands back and forth from mouse, midi keyboard, computer keyboard,  bother you, slow you down or speed you up?

4. how would you rate the documentation of your notation software?
5. is there a missing feature, bug on your software that you really miss or really want fixed? What?

Also if you get a chance I encourage you to try Denemo again and instead of just leaving write all the things that you don't like so we can use the constructive critisisim to make Denemo better.

> I tried Denemo briefly a long time ago, but it didn't thrill me. As a rule, a piece of software 
> has to appeal to me within some 5 minutes, otherwise I don't find it worth it. Forthermore the 
> exporting/importing to and from Lilypond didn't go smoothly, so I gave up.
> Hans

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