[linux-audio-user] notation

Hans hansfong at zonnet.nl
Sun Jan 29 13:54:53 EST 2006

Aaron wrote:

>>hmn, what version of Denemo did you use. The only docs for the old versions was a read me, quite hidden, now denemo has a user manual.
>>Also it wasn't clear that denemo wasn't a mousecentric editor but was meant to touch type.
>>Was the problem that it didn't export at all to lilypond? or just the wrong version?
Version 0.7.4 from Debian unstable.

Non of my Lilypond files import at all (2.2, 2.4 or 2.6 versions alike); 
Denemo simply crashes. For me that is a reason not to investigate 
further, especially since Denemo is supposed to be a Lilypond frontend. 
And I forgot to mention it uses GTK+ which I dislike; sorry, I just 
prefer QT.

FYI I usually type my Lilypond files by hand, so I am not at all 

>One of the problems with Denemo is that its so different from other editors. Sort of like the difference between Vim and gedit, if you know what I mean. 
>5 minutes with denemo most definitley isn't enough, since it is a 'deep' program, but like vim once learned it is very quick to use.
>But since the purpose of my post was to find out what editors people use and why they like them, let me ask a few questions:
>1. what is the killer feature in Rosegardens notation editor or at least the one you like/use the most?

No killer feather. It just works and it is integrated with full midi 

>2. Is most of your notation entered with a midi keyboard or the computer (mouse/keyboard)

Both, for Rosegarden/Hydrogen I use a midi keyboard, for 
Lilypond/Songwrite a computer keyboard.

>3. Does moving your hands back and forth from mouse, midi keyboard, computer keyboard,  bother you, slow you down or speed you up?
Left hand on the midi keyboard, right on the computer keyboard. 
Depending on the piece I'm doing it's fast or a bit less fast :-)

>4. how would you rate the documentation of your notation software?

Rosegarden is pretty good. Lilypond is overly complicated with too many 
snippets of code, but not a good general overview of how to cleverly 
write Lilypond scores.

>5. is there a missing feature, bug on your software that you really miss or really want fixed? What?

I would like Rosegarden to have better sound support. I never get it 
working perfectly. I still envy my friend who can do with Cubase what I 
have to do with Rosegarden/Hydrogen/Audacity.

>Also if you get a chance I encourage you to try Denemo again and instead of just leaving write all the things that you don't like so we can use the constructive critisisim to make Denemo better.
FYI, the output when I load a Lilypond file:

GNU Denemo, a gtk+ frontend for GNU Lilypond
(c) 1999-2005 Matthew Hiller, Adam Tee, and others

This program is provided with absolutely NO WARRANTY; see
the file COPYING for details.

This software may be redistributed and modified under the
terms of the GNU General Public License; again, see the file
COPYING for details.

Synthesizer detected: Emu10k1
Synthesizer supports 64 voices.
auto save on/off
** (denemo:2075): WARNING **: readpreffile : error opening 
/home/hans/.denemo/denemorc : No such file or directory
newstaff: Num staffs 0
newstaff: Num staffs after insert 1
systemwide = /etc//denemo.keymaprc

** (denemo:2075): WARNING **: load_keymap_file : error opening 
/home/hans/.denemo/keymaprc : No such file or directory
No of Displays 1

** (denemo:2075): WARNING **: No editor found in environment variable 
$EDITOR - using gui
The parser needs finishing a lyparser.y:1861 for this idiom to be usable
The problem occured at line number 50 of the lily input
No of displays : 1
si is 0x80d0888

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