[linux-audio-user] Why do I get this "static and tunnel effect. Demudi, Eidrol UA-20

james scott jhstechnical at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 29 18:34:40 EST 2006

I'm lost.
Been lurking here for couple of months learned a lot
of stuff.
Thanks, really.
Now the problem.
I am getting this "tunnel effect" and a sort of static
sounding break up when I run my mic/pre-amp thru the
Computer is new, Asus MB (Sis), Intel 3 ghz IA64
processor (was cheaper at the time) gig 'o' ram ATI
128meg video (I forget which one) SATA drives.
Demudi distro.
Other possibly (and I hope explainable) weirdness:
Using the onboard SIS sound card plays CD's great.
When I recorded (CAD Condesor mic, Bellari pre-amp) in
Ardour  I got this sort of loud hum that seemed to
absorb the center of the display wave.  Lot's to
You can tell I am a newbie to recording.  This is my
first venture in to this realm.
When I hook directly through the amp it sounds great.
As soon as I try to go thru the computer I get this
tunnel effect and sort of static that surrounds each
word you speak through the mic.  Like an overload is
going on somewhere.
Tried a Eidrol UA-20 and the effect was more noticable
and could not make CD's play.
Note that I got the same tunnel effect using a Shure
mic with no pre-amp.
No newcomer to NIX systems though having trouble
keeping up with the configuration changes in Linux. 
Was easier in the begining days was more UNIX like.  
I do believe that the issue is in the computer.  That
there is some setting that I do not know about and
cannot find.

Another question is:
When using the onboard sound card aumix is available. 
When using the Eidrol no mixer is available.  Why?
Is it because there is no mixer setting available on
the Eidrol?
Another point worthy of note:
When I use the alsa debug on the Debgian menu and play
a wav (without jack running) It sounds perfect.
When I try to play a wav through jack with the same
(and jack is running) I get a message that jack
plumbing does not exist.  It's there.  
Something is just not lined up right here and I just
cannot find it.

Thanks for your patience,


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