[linux-audio-user] Yamaha sw1000xg -- Linux ??

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Mon Jan 30 08:34:02 EST 2006

This card has NO ALSA support because Yamaha keeps it a closed affair and 
Yamaha is barely supporting Windows. The card is old so why go any further?

I use the predecessor, a sw60xg. This is simply a MIDI sound generator and has 
great advantage in using no IRQ, no DMA, nada--a port address: set the DIPs, 
configure the driver and make music. Before Yamaha had W2K drivers for this 
card, they suggested running it through the ubiquitous mpu401 driver. Voile, 
and this works in Linux!

Has anyone tried running the MIDI of the sw1000xg this way? Playback? 
Recording? (There are commands that can be sent to initialize the card but 
getting to its audio is another matter.) If I can make full use of the MIDI 
under Linux as well as Windows, I might take up someones' offer I cannot 
refuse :-)

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