[linux-audio-user] Yamaha sw1000xg -- Linux ??

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Mon Jan 30 13:25:32 EST 2006

David Baron wrote:
> (MPU-401)
> Has anyone tried running the MIDI of the sw1000xg this way?

PCI cards need some minimal initialization code; bare MPU-401 drivers
cannot do this.  Because of this, it wouldn't have made sense for Yamaha
to make this card MPU-401 compatible.  OTOH it would make sense for
MS-DOS compatibility (as is the case with the YMF754 chip and relatives).

> Playback? Recording?

Very unlikely that these are compatible with anything.
It might be possible to reverse engineer the Windows driver ...

>(There are commands that can be sent to initialize the card

Any specifics?


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