[linux-audio-user] Music: Troete

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Mon Jan 30 19:20:14 EST 2006

Hi Thorsten. I can't find your original posting for this tune, but it's quite 

I picture myself as a lab technician standing in a lab, with some very weird 
and wonderfull processes running, producing very weird and wonderfull sounds. 
Halfway through your tune, I, the lab tech, decide to join in with the sounds 
in the lab using your whistling.

it sort of reminds me of an old black and white film. The man in the white 
suit. Starring Alec Guiness (who was the man in the white suit). Mind you. he 
didn't join in with all the weird and wonderfull sounds from the processes 
running in his lab.

It's interesting how you can listen to a new piece of music and connect it to 
something you have heard in the past.

BTW: I'm still working my way through your archives on dialup. Just started on 
December_97.ogg. Nigel.

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