[linux-audio-user] streaming dvd audio over wlan

Brian Dunn job17and9 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 5 21:07:17 EDT 2006

Hi fellas.
I need some suggestions as to the best way to play audio from a dvd in 
my laptop on my desktop ( which is connected to my serious stereo ). 

the goal here is to be able to sit back on my couch and watch a movie on 
the laptop, but with my jawesome stereo for sound rather than the 
pipsqueak built in speakers.

The network is 802.11b, which i'm thinking won't have the bandwidth to 
handle netjack.  Should I set up an mp3 or ogg vorbis stream server on 
my laptop that i can then tune in on the desktop? if so, how do i handle 
syncronizing the sound on the desktop with the image on the laptop?

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of cool ideas you all may have.


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