[linux-audio-user] streaming dvd audio over wlan

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Mon Jun 5 22:32:16 EDT 2006

On Mon Jun 05, 2006 at 08:07:17PM -0500, Brian Dunn wrote:
> Hi fellas.
> I need some suggestions as to the best way to play audio from a dvd in my laptop on my desktop ( which is connected to my serious stereo ). 
> the goal here is to be able to sit back on my couch and watch a movie on the laptop, but with my jawesome stereo for sound rather than the 
> pipsqueak built in speakers.
> The network is 802.11b, which i'm thinking won't have the bandwidth to handle netjack.  Should I set up an mp3 or ogg vorbis stream server on my 
> laptop that i can then tune in on the desktop? if so, how do i handle syncronizing the sound on the desktop with the image on the laptop?

2 ideas come to mind. they both involve mplayer..
  - start playback on both at once, with a pair of xterms, a python script, ssh, whatever. one with -noaudio and one with -novideo
  - on the video machine, run jackd, ices-jack (in the 'kh' branch of their SVN last i checked), and mplayer -ao jack (set mplayer to autoconnect to ices, with jack.plumbing or qjackctl). on the server, run icecast, and mplayer http://localhost:8000/.ogg. the audio delay should be fairly consistent so you can fix it with either an audio predelay or a video delay argument to mplayer..

might also want to check out NMM, its designed for this purpose. i just tend to find these other progs never play nearly as much stuff as mplayer..

> I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of cool ideas you all may have.
> Brian

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