[linux-audio-user] "OK, I Lied" a little joke song recorded with Rosegarden 1.2.3+DSSI+Zyn+hydrogen (to Pete Bessman)

Rob Buse rcb at filter24.org
Fri Jun 9 11:50:13 EDT 2006

>> ftp://ftp.musix.ourproject.org/pub/musix/audio/Ok-i-lied-to-Pete-Bessman-from-Musix049.ogg
>> Author: Marcos Guglielmetti
>This has a nice mood. But sadly I can understand only fractions of the singing,
>because most of the time it can't compete within the mix. Maybe you could
>increase the volume, thin out the mix, apply more compression or do it over
>with a bit less dramatic expression but clearer articulation.
>The drums seem to be too laid-back, dragging behind the beat a bit.
>The snare sounds cutted off in a way that I think doesn't work for this track.

Personally, and maybe it's just me..  but I think it could use more


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