[linux-audio-user] [ANN] OpenJay needs you! Help request

J_Zar j_zar at openjay.org
Tue Jun 13 19:23:00 EDT 2006

Hi to all Linux Audio Users / Developers...
I would like to stress my help request so I forward this mail to give some 
more attention...

OpenJay.org is an opensource DJ site where you can find information and 
programs for djing and playing music with opensource software. OpenJay.org
has been established 3 - 4 years ago.

OpenJay.org has been recently updated to the Joomla web platform. The new 
graphic design has been coded by me around some past artwork of Ayo 
[http://www.73lab.com] (thanks Ayo!).
During the upgrade there were some data which I can't save: unluckily the 
whole download repository. This is not necessarily a bad thing: repository 
was outdated and somewhere broken. However the point is that I really need 
some help to build it again. 
So I ask you to consider the idea of registering an account at OpenJay.org and 
submitting downloads that you know in the proper categories (Please do! 
(Please, use file upload only if needed! If not needed link to the download 
page of the item...)

But this is not the only thing I need. 
I'm looking for people... and probably...for you!
Hereunder, the short list of people and things I'm looking for...

- users to reconstruct and improve the download repository
- 1 or more moderators for the Forum
- 1 or more operators for the IRC channel
- 1 or more article / news contributors  and software testers

You should consider the following notes: 
- the more we are, the better it is;
- duty and help may be discontinue and this is a personal promise not a 
- OpenJay.org does not require a 24h duty but probably a couple of hours per 
week and no more

Please help me (and you at the same time)! ;-P

Gianluca Romanin (aka J_Zar)
OpenJay.org Webmaster

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