[linux-audio-user] Remixing

Jonty Needham jmn20 at bath.ac.uk
Wed Jun 14 06:22:19 EDT 2006

Hi guys,
I'm not sure whether this is off topic or not so if it is let me know.
I'm working on remixing a live spantaneous intercession track at the
moment, whose BPM increases from 70 to 103+ during the piece and wavers
around there. I'm putting it to drum and bass, using various breaks, and
the tempo needs to be kept consistent. I've chosen to make it 170 at the
moment, but the issue is that I simply can't make the track samples fit
and sound good --they either need slowing down until the vocalist sounds
like she's hammered, or speeding up until she sounds like she's on

I understand (from Google) there is a method by which one samples the
track minus the vocals and then adds the inversion of that to the track
to kill the instruments. I have not got that to work well yet (maybe I
need to try again, and it's nontrivial due to the major tempo changes),
but also I'm not sure how to get round the tempo issue. I am in the
process of trying to take the vocals apart and then sequence them (Leon
Switch and Kryptic Minds style) but with the instruments present the
results are unsatisfactory. Does anyone have any advice?

I'm using rosegarden, zynaddsubfx for bass (oh how beautifully perfect
is zyn!), hydrogen for sequencing extra drum stuff and I will be using
fluidsynth for any piano.

Jonty Needham <jmn20 at bath.ac.uk>

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