[linux-audio-user] Re: Intel HDA and Jack

Arnold Krille arnold.krille at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 15:24:15 EDT 2006

2006/6/13, I. E. Smith-Heisters <public at 0x09.com>:
> I'm having problems with my Intel HD Audio chipset and jack, and was
> wondering if any of you might have some tips. I'm running Ubuntu
> Dapper, and everything works fine out of the box. ESD works, aplay
> works, etc.. When I start jackd the xruns fly by about as fast as they
> can. If I start it with RT enabled, it just times out and crashes.
> Any suggestions for troubleshooting?

Is that a laptop?

If yes: {
  Is it your first experience with jack on laptop-builtins?

  If yes: {
    Get used to it. And get a real sounddevice for professional usage...


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