[linux-audio-user] Re: music notation

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Jun 14 04:29:47 EDT 2006

glauber alex dias prado hat gesagt: // glauber alex dias prado wrote:

> are you a goto10.org member? this goto remember my really old back days
> when i was in Basic language, under my MSX really loveing times :).

Yes, it's a play on the oldskool days. 

> i was trying to load the pure:dyne at my pc but it wasnt able to load
> some modules and i couldnt load the kernel cause of that i think the
> modules that didnt loaded that i can remember of memory are amd64agp,
> nvidiafb and i2core, can i load this distro in a chroot environment
> cause a lot of packages that are into it im not able to compile at my
> architeture IA_x86_64?

Actually for now you won't be able to run Pd properly in 64bit mode,
so if you want to run Pd, you should have a 32bit system as well.
Although I belong to goto10, I'm not involved in the pure:dyne team.
If you have problems with that, you could open a ticket at 

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