[linux-audio-user] Recording ADAT inputs on RME hammerfall 9636/52

Stephen Cameron smcameron at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 20 01:51:02 EDT 2006

So, another dumb question from a hardheaded linux audio user
(is there any other kind? ;-)

I've got an RME hammerfall lite (9636/52)
I've got a Yamaha AW4416 with an MY8AT module (8 channels ADAT i/o).
I've got fibre cables connecting them together.

The Yamaha seems happy, reporting 8 channels locked at 48kHz.

What I don't have is any idea how to get anything good to
happen on the linux side.  I've been googling my brains out
for the last two or three months, and the very best information 
I have been able to find anywhere is this 3 year old thread:


Which in turn recommands alsa-lib/doc/asoundrc.txt

which, looking at that, doesn't really help much at all, I'm afraid,
you pretty much have to know how it works already in
order to make head or tail of it.

Is there any better information out there?  I just want
to be able to transfer tracks from the PC to the AW4416, and
back, preferably as many as 8 at a time, or as few as 1 at
a time, but, judging from my googling, it seems next to nobody
is doing anything like this.  I would estimate less than ten
people on the entire planet (and that is my inflated guess)
have an RME hammerfall AND are using the ADAT interfaces.
Is that about right?  Am I that far out in the weeds?

I would really like to get this working... otherwise, I've
just blown $700 (RME + yamaha ADAT interface + cables) 
for nothing , and I'm back to burning CDs to transfer 
tracks between AW and PC.

Any hints appreciated...  thanks.

-- steve

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