[linux-audio-user] Recording ADAT inputs on RME hammerfall 9636/52

Stephen Cameron smcameron at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 20 13:21:33 EDT 2006

--- R Parker <rtp405 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Stephen Cameron <smcameron at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > It's really a very nice, convenient machine for 
> > tracking.
> Until you want to record and monitor 8+ tracks. And
> then it's infuriating.

I suppose so.  That's not been an issue for me as of yet.
The AW is probably overkill for what I do (record myself
along with a few other tracks.)

> > Not so good for editing, and there's no
> > nice
> > way to get things into or out of it.  Mostly
> > what little music I do is internet collaborations,
> > so I end up with a process like this:
> > 
> > download/decode tracks (mp3 ->wav), burn cds,
> > import tracks to AW, record my parts, burn cds,
> > import tracks to pc, encode/upload.  Rather tedious.
> I think you can redesign for a much better studio. Is
> your PC hardware capable of running jackd without
> xruns?

I think so, eventually.  That is my hope.  I forget 
the processor speed, but it's not ancient, nor the 
fastest thing, an Athlon 1700+, I think.  1Gb RAM.
Hard disk seems kind of slow, but that's just gut 
feeling I haven't tried measuring, and maybe I'm 
comparing against what I'm used to at work (loads of 
hardware RAID systems.) I still have work 
to do to get a suitable kernel running.

> Don't use the HDR but use the mixer and monitoring
> interfaces with i/o routed to the RME card all the
> time. Record to the AW HDR at a remote locations;
> practice space, bar, etc.
> I'm looking at your setup while occupied with
> something else. Am I overlooking your reasons for
> recording to the AW?

Probably 2 reasons.  1) it's proven to work
for me (albeit inconvenently)  The linux
approach is as yet not working (for me, obviously
it's working for others.)  So I'm taking
smaller steps first, rather than trying to jump
to the imagined optimal solution immediately.

2)  This is the main reason.
The PC isn't in the room with all the
music making gear, and there's not enough
room to move either into the other's room.  
Hence my (yet unproven) 50 foot adat cables.  
I think they're spec'ed to 10 meters, and 
50 feet exceeds that...   So essentially *all*
my recording is remote... my living room 
is remote, lol.

Well, this may all end up with me buying a 
house that is compatible with shorter ADAT cables 
and having the PC in the same room as the AW, heh.

Also, I've noticed it's much harder for me to get
a good sounding recording with the computer, guitar
pickups tend to get a lot of RF noise/whine from monitors,
fan motors, etc, esp. with high gain amp settings, and 
mics pick up fan noise, like when the CPU fan changes
gears suddenly, and none of those have been as
much of a problem with my AW.  But with the AW as a front
end to the RME, maybe that would be alleviated somewhat,
since previously my computer recording experiments have
been through line-in of a cheap sound card (audigy2 value).

-- steve

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