[linux-audio-user] which graphics card?

Stephen Hassard steve at hassard.net
Tue Jun 20 17:11:50 EDT 2006

Dave Robillard wrote:
> FWIW I've spent a (very) great deal of time, money, and effort building
> an (AGP) machine without a card which requires proprietary drivers for
> decent GL (namely a Radeon 9250).

This seems the best route to go ATM, but does anyone have any
suggestions for doing something similar with a recent PCI-Express system?

I see that Xorg is starting to support the ATI X800 line of cards using
the radeon driver, but DRI support seems very early. Also, 2D speed on
my X800 XL seems quite slow compared to the binary drivers, which is a
big deterrent from staying with the OSS drivers.


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