[linux-audio-user] Re: which graphics card?

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Thu Jun 22 07:12:27 EDT 2006

Dave Phillips wrote:
> IIRC linuxaudio.org has plans for an  "all-in-one" Linux audio portal. 
> It might be nice to have some coordination between the LAU plans and 
> those of linuxaudio.org.

There's certainly no reason not to coordinate on that front.

But the current site works and is very well positioned on Google etc... 
However if it was moved we could just redirect the urls to the new 
location and that would keep the page ranking IIUC.

I would need a very compelling reason to recode it as it will take some 
time to strip out all the useful info for a database system.

If I was going to change it I would put the content into a db, make a 
nice skin and write a little admin interface to make Daves life easier 
or even just make a batch insert from csv. We could even add a blog tool 
for the musings page with browsable archives... Actually a lot of the 
code from the Quicktoots or ladspavst portals could be reused. Then I 
would create a cache of the pages for the mirrors to access or some 
other way might be deemed simpler.

Without the code for the mirrors and assuming I don't have to design the 
skin or add new features, it would be about a days work for me. However 
if someone volunteered to wrangle the content into a csv format it would 
save me a lot of time.

Otherwise it would be about 5 days work to do everything on my own steam.

Other than that the content is A1 top of the line, couldn't ask for more.

It's up to y'all to convince Dave and I that it's worth the effort. If 
you want it done then I will schedule in into my workload throughout 
the next couple of months.


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