[linux-audio-user] Re: Digital Fidelity

Maluvia terakuma at imbris.net
Wed Mar 1 17:59:49 EST 2006

>I am called to comment, with what I would hope are
>understanding and compassion. . . . . . .
. . . . . . 
>So whenever we encounter what we believe to be ignorance in
>an area we are knowledgeable, perhaps it stings inwardly
>because of all the huge universes of our own darkness that
>surround the particular oasis of illumination at which
>we water (to mix metaphors.)

I really like that! - mixed metaphors, or no.

>On the subject of the direction of signals in cables, I
>think I can offer to put the issue to rest by reminding
>all parties that audio signals from a microphone or to a
>loudspeaker are carried by the AC (alternating current)
>component of electron movement. Thus the direction of the
>electric current reverses many thousands of times each 
>second, more or less depending on the pitch.

But - but - but - it said on the Zaolla site - "Cables for Discerning Audio
and Video Connoisseurs" - that they were unidirectional!
OK - I just went back and checked - *now* they changed it to
*omnidirectional* - it's just the silver conductor that is
'unidirectionally solidified'.
(If you read through all those pages of specs, though, you gotta admit it's
pretty impressive design.)

I'll now have to disappoint you by saying we still think they sound
slightly different depending upon which way they're hooked up, and I'm not
even going to appeal to any physics - just magic.
(How can you make music without a little magic?)
So don't hit me on the head, just allow me my perceptions - they harm no

>To those of us to whom this is deeply understood to the
>point of being intuitive, we are surprised to encounter
>another opinion--as tho someone were arguing that the
>earth is flat, or that intercourse is not a factor in 
>the making of babies.
>It is one thing to attempt to convince a person that they
>are mistaken, another to admit one is wrong on a subject one
>has been convinced for many years: the latter requires
>humility, the former can tolerate any amount of arrogance.
>We all grow inasmuch as we can recognize and learn from our
>own experience, and from the wisdom of others.
>All of which takes place more readily in an atmosphere of
>mutual respect. 

Wow Joel - that *was* truly compassionate.
I've gotta give you a big hug for that. [hug]

- Maluvia :)

[No scientists, programmers, musicians or metaphysicians were harmed in the
course of this discussion.]

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