[linux-audio-user] Interesting story for BCR2000 owners

Sean Edwards cybersean3000 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 11:56:05 EST 2006

=> Fender has their Pre CBS and Post CBS (hecha en
Mexico) era's.

=> Peavey was accused of making non-standard
solid-state components that were only available in
their factories.

=> Behringer's stomp box products were delayed for
import to the USA over patent disputes.

It seems a company's success is tied directly to it's
ability to overcome adversity and misperception.  So
what their cable tester looks like another one.  Did
they copy it exactly, did they break any laws, or did
they license the original design?  Were any laws
actually broken?  What was settled with the stomp box
patents?  I believe the stomp boxes are available in
the USA now.

I find it funny, sad, and ironic that in a linux
related list that someone is complaining that a
company reused somebody's existing widget rather than
coming up with it's own proprietary widget.

Here is a question to the person who complained about
this: Do you use a Linux distro, or do you use FIPS to
partition your hard drive, then build your entire
Linux system from source (and I am not referring to

I will admit Behringer had a rough start, but I like
their products, and I like their prices.  When I go to
purchase something, there are many factors to
consider.   Sometimes I choose Behringer, but not all
the time.  If you wanted bash them about their linux
support (or lack of it) I would be happy to join in,
especially with the V-Amp and FCB1010.  On this
thread, I will have to come to their defense.

BTW ironic does not mean made of iron.


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