[linux-audio-user] Re: OT on LAU

Maluvia terakuma at imbris.net
Sun Mar 5 10:28:16 EST 2006

>There is the linart list. I've thought throughout reading this thread
>that much of the discussion might be appropriate there. It is currently
>a very very quiet list. I don't even remember the address. But, I know a
>bunch of the people on this list are subscribed there. If I remember
>correctly, discussions about the creative (and perhaps spirtual) were
>welcome there. It might just be possible to make that the warmer,
>friendlier, less technically bombastic place you're seeking.

I think I found it - here: http://lists.alt.org/mailman/listinfo/linart
Appears to be defunct (since 2004), but thanks for the suggestion, Eric.
I still like the *idea* of a 'Linux Audio After Hours pub - where OT is
always on tap', but it just depends on whether I can find the time to put
it up. (Doubtful.)
(Currently own 7 domains I had big ideas for - all just sitting there.) :(

It looks like things can get pretty OT here without it bothering anyone
much - just seems to depend on people's mood and what is being discussed.


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