[linux-audio-user] GNU Audio Community Conference Room

Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Sun Mar 5 16:43:25 EST 2006

I see some projects have started putting up public SIP conference
rooms in combination with their mailing lists and irc channels. One is
the freeswitch[0] project.

The GNU Audio Community should be pioneering in this effort, in my

The topic would be the same as LAU; discuss music production, problems
and software and whatever really;).

There are some public SIP servers[1] that allows dynamic creation of
conference rooms. The way it works is that you can call any number
beginning with a certain prefix and you'll enter a conference room. If
anybody else calls this number, they will of course join the

If anybody would like to try and see if they meet someone, you can

sip:1-222-GNU-AUDIO at proxy01.sipphone.com

Substitute the GNU-AUDIO with the corresponding letters. The complete
SIP URI will then be:

sip:1-222-468-28346 at proxy01.sipphone.com

Maybe in the future we can host our own server if this works out. Some
other projects got a bot in irc which notifies of JOIN AND QUIT in the
conference room.

To get a SIP soft phone, you can check out the various free software
projects at voip-info[2], specifically the SIP soft phone clients
page[3]. Be aware that not all projects on that page is free
software. If you need a terminal client, check out asterisk[4]. You
can also run your sip phone through JACK;). A GUI client might be


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