[linux-audio-user] Re: OT: Music distribution in the internet age - I'm confused.

Bengt Gördén bengan at sunet.se
Mon Mar 6 08:39:30 EST 2006

måndagen den 6 mars 2006 13.43 skrev Carlo Capocasa:
> lol... yeah, good ol' 'make money without blood, seat and tears' gig.
> What do you think of this guy's site?
> http://tipping.selfpromotion.com/

Very interesting. This could be a way. The only problem I see is that we need 
a way to do micro payments. There have been a few proposals but nothing that 
seems to work. PayPal is one way but way to troublesome to work with. And 
there seems to be some concern about their policy. I would like to pay a 
fraction of a dollar/euro/kronor sometime. And it needs to be fast.

I would gladly "tip" for all the software that I use on my machines. 
Especially for LMMS, Hydrogen, MuSE, Ardour, Jack, Zynaddsubfx, Timemachine, 
Linux-kernel, KDE etc. 



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