[linux-audio-user] USB interfaces (was Re: M-Audio Quattro, SoundBlaster Live Xruns, and interface questions)

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Wed Mar 8 15:05:10 EST 2006

> Are there any interface options that have all of these attributes:
>    * Working!
>    * USB connected  (for my laptop)
>    * Four or more channels in simultaneously (at/around 24
> bits/48KHz)

at least I have a cheap Terratec Aureon USB which can deal with 

OTOTH, when calculating the USB bandwidth vs. the needed data amount at 
5.1, an USB 1.1 bus is almost completely busy with audio.

There's USB 2, but the audio standard has not been expanded for USB 2 
and that's why there are only a few USB 2 audio devices, and those you 
get speak a proprietary protocol :( .

Best regards


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