[linux-audio-user] Hardware samplers

Cesare Marilungo cesare at poeticstudios.com
Fri Mar 10 13:53:29 EST 2006

Cesare Marilungo wrote:

> Carotinho wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Alle 11:01, venerdì 10 marzo 2006, Cesare Marilungo ha scritto:
>>> My suggestion is to save your money and give linuxsampler a try.
>> But, how can I create my own Gigasamples, or what else are they 
>> called? Is there only Windows software?
>> Thanks!
>> Carotinho
> The developement version of swami (http://swami.sourceforge.net/) has 
> introduced sume basic support for the gigasample format. I've never 
> used it for this, but I've succesfully produced some custom sf2 
> samplebanks with it and used them with fluidsynth (via qsynth, 
> http://qsynth.sourceforge.net).
> If you couple one of the tools above with Pure Data, you can reach an 
> umbelieveble level of flexibility.
> For instance, I'm making a pd patch that is basically a virtual 
> drummer, with different ranges of random variation, both for timing 
> and for velocity, routed to linuxsampler with a very good quality drum 
> bank I've found at 
> http://www.naturalstudio.co.uk/ns_kit7freedownload.html
> Another patch I'm working on can make a good piano soundbank sound 
> even more realistic, implementing some of the intrinsicnesses of a 
> real piano, like the sympathetic vibration of a string when the key is 
> pressed and I play the same key at an octave above, or the fact that 
> if I've just hit a key and I hit it again when the hammer hasn't had 
> the time to go back in the rest position, and

...the key should play at a lower velocity. :-P

> so on.
> In bocca al lupo.
> c.


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