[linux-audio-user] Re: Making music a product (Was: Re: POLL: Marketing Free Music)

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Sun Mar 12 05:29:33 EST 2006

> I personally am not about to take part in any movement that makes 
> suggestions as to what the message of my music should be (if it 

Oh but dude I'd rather bite my own toe off than try to tell people what
to do! And even if I did you'd have every right to ignore the shit out
of me! Nah this isn't about telling people what to do, sorry if it came
across that way.

This last post is just an experimental brain-dump... I want to be able
to support myself from the music I make (or related) and I've been
theorizing that certain content/philosophy must be present in music in
order to do that... Specifically with regards to 'you oriented' and 'I
oriented music'.

But I'm not comfortable with the theory myself yet. It is probably dead
wrong, but I want to use it to find the right one, and that's why it's here!


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