[linux-audio-user] Maya 44USB Audiotrak soundcard setup

Hiram Abiff domain.admin at online.ie
Sun Mar 12 11:02:09 EST 2006

Quoting Christoph Eckert <ce at christeck.de>:

>> I forgot to mention that I didn't compile ALSA in the kernel I
>> downloaded it separately and compiled from the ALSA website.
> I had never problems using the in-kernel ALSA drivers (while alsa lib is
> an external package, of course).
I also found a post from Luke Yelavich at audioslack.com who says:

> Anyone ever run the maya 44 ?
> not listed on the alsa page so prob not a goody...

"If you are referring to the Maya 44 USB, this device works well as of=20
alsa driver version 1.0.7. I have one of these, and helped in getting it=20
working correctly."

I myself use ALSA ver 1.0.10rc3 so this shouldn't be a problem.

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