[linux-audio-user] Re: Mac? Linux PC?

Loki Davison loki.davison at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 02:37:42 EST 2006

On 3/13/06, Rob <lau at kudla.org> wrote:
> On Sun March 12 2006 23:21, Paul Winkler wrote:
> > > Python is in the same category as COBOL for me.... it has
> > > stupid indentation tricks.
> > http://www.python.org/doc/faq/general/#why-does-python-use-ind
> >entation-for-grouping-of-statements
> > http://blog.ianbicking.org/brief-defense-of-significant-whites
> >pace.html
> Yeah, great, Python advocates defending Python's one true coding
> style.  I'm sure it does aid in tracking down syntax errors, as
> the FAQ says, but I'd rather not be penalized for other people's
> inability to type "control-alt-\".  Nor for accidentally typing
> "alt-Q" or doing something that converts tabs to spaces or vice
> versa and ending up with a program that, had it been Perl or C,
> would still run fine, could even be made to look pretty again
> with three keys, but is a pile of meaningless nonsense to Python
> because 30 years' worth of tools have been written using the de
> facto standard that says whitespace is compressible and
> interchangeable, almost all of which the Python authors decided
> was just not that important.
> All of which can also be applied to COBOL, which is why Python
> and COBOL share a special place in my list of language
> preferences.  I'll fix the programs when they break, but I won't
> code in them unless you pay me a lot of money.
> But since there's no MusicPython or MusicCOBOL yet, I guess it's
> a moot point.
> Rob

there are om bindings for python and for phat.


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