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Carotinho carotinobg at yahoo.it
Tue Mar 21 13:10:44 EST 2006


Alle 07:50, martedì 21 marzo 2006, tim hall ha scritto:
> >> But there is something that is not an "arbitrary lines". There are
> >> absolute values, like importance of human beings etc. You simply
> >> cannot put these values into discussion, because they are the
> >> foundation of social living (and not only that...).
> Let me get this right - we are not free to discuss these values?

Well, no, there are values one can't discuss... otherwise, there wouldn't be 
anything to build something upon. And if there's something universal, that's 
the respect for human beings. The way it can be achieved can be thought of in 
the strangest manner, and diffferent civilizations have done so for ages 
(that's the reason why they are different), but as Michael TD Nelson pointed 
out in another mail, tradition and history doesn't automatically means 
rightful: something is arguable and something else is not.

> This is your culturally conditioned assumption, not an absolute.

The assumption that there's something absolute is not cultural, it's simply 
the base of thought. Without this, you couldn't even say anything, there 
would be no knowledge, no science. There must be a truth, something stable, 
even if one can argue which it is, and that happens because we are basically 
free, and it explains why we are so different etc. But negating the base of 
thought means negating ourselves.




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