[linux-audio-user] OT: POLL: Marketing Free Music

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Wed Mar 22 09:09:18 EST 2006

Carotinho wrote:
> Hi!
> Alle 07:50, martedì 21 marzo 2006, tim hall ha scritto:
>>>>But there is something that is not an "arbitrary lines". There are
>>>>absolute values, like importance of human beings etc. You simply
>>>>cannot put these values into discussion, because they are the
>>>>foundation of social living (and not only that...).
>>Let me get this right - we are not free to discuss these values?
> Well, no, there are values one can't discuss... otherwise, there wouldn't be 
> anything to build something upon. And if there's something universal, that's 
> the respect for human beings. The way it can be achieved can be thought of in 
> the strangest manner, and diffferent civilizations have done so for ages 
> (that's the reason why they are different), but as Michael TD Nelson pointed 
> out in another mail, tradition and history doesn't automatically means 
> rightful: something is arguable and something else is not.
>>This is your culturally conditioned assumption, not an absolute.
> The assumption that there's something absolute is not cultural, it's simply 
> the base of thought. Without this, you couldn't even say anything, there 
> would be no knowledge, no science. There must be a truth, something stable, 
> even if one can argue which it is, and that happens because we are basically 
> free, and it explains why we are so different etc. But negating the base of 
> thought means negating ourselves.

Suffice it to say I fundamentally disagree with all of this. With 
respect, continuing this thread isn't going to get us anywhere.


tim hall

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