[linux-audio-user] Linux Sampler Akai support

Ismael Valladolid Torres ivalladolidt at terra.es
Fri Mar 24 09:11:40 EST 2006

I was seriously thinking of getting a cheap hardware sampler, given
prices they are showing up on eBay currently. I only owned an Akai
S2000 for a couple of hours in the past (seriously!) and obviously
never got used to working with one of them.

Of a hardware sampler I like the ability of tweaking programs while
making them sound. It's the way to create bizarre sounds which is the
utility that fancies me most from this instrument. On the opposite,
software samplers usually requires you to load a separate application
to create the programs from samples available as .wav files, something
good for programming a realistic cello sound but not for using these
shits as synthesizers.

Anyway I am thinking of giving a try to Linux Sampler.

I've always found strange that Linux Sampler focus on Giga
support. There are lots of commercial Akai CD-ROMs and lots of
soundfonts available on the net. I was simply wondering on how is the
Akai support implemented in Linux Sampler. Does it read Akai CD-ROMs
or some intermediate step converting samples is required?

More widely, how are you open sourced people managing transfers of
samples between formats (Akai and Giga to SF2 or DLS and such)? Few
applications I remember in the past for Windows were not only closed
source but also commercial and pretty expensive.

Any answer very welcome.

Cordially, Ismael
mí, myself et moi http://lamediahostia.blogspot.com/
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